KING OBAMA MADE AMERICA UNABLE TO ENFORCE IMMIGRATION LAWS- UNDO THE DAMAGE Rep Steve King Rep Steve King addresses the many issues preventing this country from standing in our own defense potentially fatal if we don’t get control of it Laura Ingraham notes that the illegal squatter agitators including one individual named Alex Mensing of Pueblos Sin Fronteras who are helping the invaders that were part of the illegal caravan from Central America to force their way into our country King says “Watching this caravan make its way towards the United States and divert towards Tijuana I’m seeing the way they’re facilitating this with the media and with the immigration attorneys” He points out “There’s federal statutes that prohibit and create a felony for contributing and aiding and abetting illegal immigration” They’d better have their laws right” says King “if they’re going to go to a foreign country and help facilitate an unarmed invasion into the United States But we are weak on our asylum laws and that asylum law was passed by a voice in the middle of the night after everybody left for the airport for Christmas vacation Rep King notes that many of the fixes for our broken abused system are part of the Davis Oliver Act which is trying to find its way to the House Floor Although it’s pointless under the current filibuster rules of the Democrats and because Ryan is short votes in the House due to some of the sellout RINOS insisting it being coupled with illegal squatter amnesty DACA King pointed out that President Trump promised to end DACA and instead served up DACA amnesty saying “We shouldn’t make a deal between the rule of law and amnesty” Ingraham then points out that 13186 UAM unaccompanied minors under age 17 have already been released into American society this year King says “I can guarantee you they were driven bused or flown to all fifty states” They could be going to a coyote house a drug house a smuggler house says King noting that some of those ‘youth’ “have a little gray in their beards” Excerpts from an article by Rick Wells Meme

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