kintatsujo Me I don't know if I ever want to be pregnant I'd rather adopt a kid or two that are a bit older Someone Are you SURE? Older adoptees present UNIQUE CHALLENGES Me We are discussing human beings not digital pets plenoptic07 Literally every child every born andor parented presents unique challenges It's like people are kintatsujo An amazing and revolutionary concept indigo-night-wisp When people ask me Why do you want to adopt teenagers? I always answer Because you asked like that I'm real over it If I become a foster mom to a 17 year old kid and I get the privilege of the option to adopt them? You better believe I am legally making that kid mine They'll be a legal adult in no time why spend the money to adopt? They'll be aged out of the system There's no aging out of family Marvin They might be rebellious or smoke or do drugs or steal things! What if they won't listen to you? Then I guess l'll have to step up and do some fruxking parenting Stanley You want to adopt problem children then? All Children Are Problem Children If you're not prepared to deal with the fact that at some point any child ever whether you birthed them yourself or adopted them at any age could become a problem? Then you are NOT ready to have children and should really just step off and let the people who actually want to be parents live in peace with their kids dearbluetravelers Hey I'm so glad this post is picking up Meme

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