Kjell Lindgren @astro_kjell What happened when I told my wife that I missed the proximity to vacuum systlin karama9 wolfayal This is Kjell Lindgren He's a NASA astronaut who just got back from 5 months on the International Space Station There are two reasons why this picture is hilarious 1 His wife is flawless and makes bad space puns to make him do household chores 2 I have that shirt Thousands of people have that shirt That shirt is available at Target Which means actual astronaut Kjell Lindgren with his wardrobe already full of NASA issued and logo-emblazoned clothes was at Target saw a NASA shirt and was like Yes I am buying this because this is what I want to spend my actual astronaut salary on tldr NASA employs a bunch of It gets better Courtesy of Wikipedia here's the poster NASA released for his mission to the ISS SPACE STATION EXPEDITION XLV THE SCIENCE CONTINUES NASA confirmed for a bunch of fucking nerds wipes single tear* They're just too beautiful I've said it before I'll say it again NASA personnel are like the top nerds The alpha nerds The absolute nerdiest nerds The nerds other nerds look to for nerdspiration More awesome pics at FUNsubstancecom Meme

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