Klopp is impossible not to like even for a Manchester United supporter PHIL NOBLEREUTERS A sa Manchester United fan Liverpool have always been the supervillains Others have been there or thereabouts Manchester City Arsenal John Terry but they are still top I think the reason is because both teams know how to wind each other up Well it looks like Liverpool have managed to pull off the ultimate wind-up They've found a manager who not only plays attractive football and wins trophies but he's also impossible not to like It's like when the bloke you hate from work gets a new girlfriend and you trawl Facebook to find evidence that she's awful But the more you look the more of her wonderful qualities you see She's kind funny attractive but not intimidatingly so popular humble and she has great I mean GREAT teeth Annoyingly they seem really happy together Yes Jürgen Klopp looks very settled His agent once hinted that the only reason he'd leave would be because of the weather I now watch the forecast every evening praying for rain Each time the sun comes out my heart sinks The man is ruining my life! I keep searching for any sort of crack in the squad When Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mané had that argument against Burnley I wondered could this be the beginning of the end? Jürgen laughed it off and all was fine Damn With Liverpool Klopp has built a team that is an extension of his personality Fergie did it at United and José Mourinho did it at Chelsea once but while those were sides that their rivals found it easy to dislike Klopp has created a team that are as fun to watch as he is Everything I read makes me like him even more His middle name is Norbert for heaven's sake And he's married to a social worker Last week he stopped to support a junior girls match while he was out walking his dog I bet that dog has a brilliant life Constant treats and tummy rubs Now I'm jealous of a dog Great Even Brendan Rodgers who by all rights should despise Klopp won't hear a bad word about him When Klopp snatched a result from his Leicester City team with a controversial penalty on Saturday he reacted by hugging him When Klopp snatched his job from him three years ago he reacted by letting him live in his house If he stole your car I bet you'd happily keep up the insurance payments If he had an affair with your wife you'd probably offer to mind the kids It feels inevitable that under Klopp Liverpool are going to keep on winning All I can do is keep staring out of the window praying for rain Masterpiece 😂 httpstcobA8pnw7M2N Meme

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