KloudMcJoo 237 points 1 year ago edited 1 year ago That feeling when while you're loving every moment of this adorable show it hits you that you have never had anything remotely close to what's depicted here and you never will that you are single and have been and will be for your entire life that what you're essentially doing is trying to fill a gaping centralized hole left in your heart unfilled by years upon years of awkward solitude one that aches knowing you will never in your life experience something so pure innocent and clean while knowing with every passing day you drift farther away and even youth leaves you in the end reaching an inevitable conclusion that maybe just maybe you screwed up for far too long to make significant changes and all that is left to do in the future is to waste away with as much dignity as is possible for a singular undesirable and insignificant blot privy to the whims of a world that cannot care less for it Feels bad man I like it Share Report Save Give Award Meme

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