Know Your Meme God I Wish That Were Me Confirmed Views 114023 Updated abouta year aco Added about ayear ago cringe fetish deviantart weird reddit About God I Wish That Were Meme refers to a DeviantArt comment by user BigJB21 in response to an adult baby fetish digital art image Origin On January 15th 2011 DeviantArtist3 misssuan002 posted a 3D art image featuring a small man being cradled cradled like a baby by a larger woman shown below On October 16th 2012 DeviantArt user BigJB21 posted the message god i wish that were me in the comment section for the image BigJB21 Oct 16 2012 god i wish that were me garbage-empress junepinetrees54 garbage-empress this is the only day you can reblog this why today just is Meme

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