- KosherHam 693 points an hour ago I'm probably late to this party- but I used to be married That's no longer the case so it goes Anyways I was getting dinosaur stuff for our boy and his mother said something along the lines of I don't like dinosaurs and am happy they are not real I chuckled thinking she meant she is relieved her life is not like Jurassic Park eing chased by these giant predators Nope Turned out she believes dinosaurs never walked this earth I had known her for 6 solid years and this completely blew me away side swiping me with horror She thinks people are guessing when the put partial bones together and just fabricate these creatures I'm still affected by this- even years later When I go on dates there is a litmus test now I ask what her stance stance is on dinosaurs every first date Not making that mistake again permalink save report give gold reply pearswhy i don't like dinosaurs and am happy they are not real Source pearswhy 111040 notes This gave me some serious Ross Geller vibes 😂 Meme

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