kripke-is-my-king theenybugg awwww-cute The adorable Canadian marble fox I'm stealing this from canada it's canada if you ask nicely they'll probably just give it to you AldenRants 12-50 @Psshdjndofnsjdkan & @qtcmb_ asked me to rant about when it looks like someone was waving at you but they weren't!Or at least I think they asked me that BUT WHO CAN TELL RIGHT!!! MAYBE THEY WERE ASKING THE ACCOUNT OWNER BEHIND ME CUZ THAT'S THE APPROPRIATE WAY TO INITIATE DISCOURSE WITH SOMEONE RIGHT!?? Wait til someone's DIRECTLY in the way!!! BETTER YET make obvious eye contact with your designated human obstacle! WHAT'S YOUR friend if that's even their real name DOING BEHIND MY BACK IN THE FIRST PLACE?? HOW DO YOU FUCK UP A HAND WAVE SO BADLY THAT THE WRONG PERSON IS JUST GONNA PRETEND LIKE THEY RECOGNIZE YOU FOR YOUR SAKE I THOUGHT I COULD TRUST YOU WAVING STRANGER Is there just a unique kind of asshole who scurries around intentionally trying to make people feel like an antisocial monkey in the middle!? CUZ MISSION ACCOMPLISHED Meme

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