Kyrie Irvings Secret Black Gf @empyreall Follow men you are allowed to have just as high standards as we women do if you want to only date women with good credit scores a career a car own apartment goals in life thats OK women get by on their looks only and be deadbeats on the inside dont give us no passes 41 AM-31 Jul 2018 4165 Retweets 7526 Likes 路?O路路路 Kyrie Irvings Secret Black Gf@empyreall 21h bitches be pretty but be bird brains slouches no motivation no ambition and yall niggas lay with em get em pregnant and then realize later that she was trash i swear looks are not everything 13 593 876 Is tea allowed to be served at this temperature? 馃槼 by MGLLN MORE MEMES Meme

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