l 100% 1204 LTE t X trouble with women why do girls women hate me Hi there so I'm Patryk 30 years old and couldn't manage to get symphathy from like no girlsI'm 6'2 good looking nice very intelligent and I have a badass humor But Girls always try to put me down in like any way they can Is there a reason for this hive behaviour? Are girlswomen simply haters or what am I missing? It feels like they forcefully try to mess with my mind in any possible way they can think of Any Ideas what's going on here?like for example when I walk down the street and I cross a girl they give everything to ignore me and have that discusted face put onlike why XD I'm a total stranger?Do women just generally hate some type of Men? Like somehow tall friendly Guys? Is this a huge turn-off?Is walking straight somethina to hate on a nerson? L know it t Vote Share 13 Add a comment This Nice guy behaviour all abput minus the swearing and cursing Meme

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