l 27 % 200 am 27% 0200 am OEO oh I mean that's very ah different? Okay so basically I might ask to kiss you but I won't ask you if I can finger you No I've been on some dates before aha but they never brought that up especially if it's a first time meeting someone grope you etc Has you ex ever asked to do that stuff? Unless you want to do those things It won't happen a first time ah yeah? why ask that though?? But men we sometimes will do stuff unless we know self control Sun 249 am Ask what? The thing is I might wanna have some fun unexpectedly and I'm telling you this so that you can be somewhat prepared I went out with a couple of guys and they never ask about that why would you want to ask those type of questions Also do you know what makes you horny btw? Sexual tension Sometimes Or frustration one of the two Also if they're gay it doesnt count uh why? Also consent so that I can do it with your permission No I've been on some dates O Message OMessage Message S31%0147 am 32% 0146 am wdym- yeahhhh ah thank you Actually dw bout it Sorry I'm really horny rn Actually dw about meeting up at all let's just keep distance and keep texting I don't wanna see anyone I figured out how to get rid of it Do you mind if I see your tits n I need to relive stress at all And then I'll be normal the next morning damn what's with the sudden 180 I gave myself immense mental damage wha- I know you and everyone else dont wanna hang out with me anyways ooftt I know you just said I cant but please can I see your boobs so I can stop feeling horny and then l'll be normal tomorrow morning I'm fully depressed I'm valueless always will be never be meaning full to anyone Sorry about asking all that won't happen again just go on pornhub Text me when you know how to talk to someone and Yeah dw bout first meet up I won't ask anything or any other time be interested in their lives I need you to trust me plz wdym Woah there OMessage OMessage O Message **REPOST** So this guy is 19 and basically wanted to hangout however he asks these sexual innuendo's then all of a sudden he does a 180 and say's how he is depressed and that I don't message him then goes on a rant saying to not hangout anymore had to repost it because his name was showing Meme

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