l 79% 1210 Unique Barnes 14052019 because in like you know will you play the game you feel like you really driving but your feet and stuff is not right there this game is so fun y'all try it just my first time trying it I don't know so you guys if it's probably will be for my friend said was good and I'm trying it right now yes my friend Israel yeah it's good and it's funny my name is Rodger yeah and I'm 30 years old yes my friend named Rodger a my name is Kevin y'all but yeah you got to try this Was this review helpful? Yes Top critical review More Q Quade Ocks 20042019 i hate this game cause i never played it for long dont ever play this gameit really is a game that will make u delete it The grafix is so badddddddd!!!! Was this review helpful? Yes See all reviews Developer contact Vau miaht aloa lilo MODE No No Yes my friend Israel Meme

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