l AT&T LTE 418 PM 11% 0 81k 248 Share 1h It's not a real tragedy if there's no Onion article about it 15k me 3h So in order for something to be a tragedy someone has to mock it and hurt peeple in the process? F#ck you kid We'll just see how you feel when you're closest ones pass away which will be a tragedy to you and everyone's laughing at you Only then you'll reelize how cruel it is for you to say what you just said It's the same way that my wife laughs after I make the BIG sex at her while I'm crying because she forced me into rammensteining her with my 983 SALamander that's big folks The tragedy of an innocement man me being forced to shove my hunk of meet into my wife while she laughs at my manly attempts is in itself a cruel tragedy That is the life of the marred man Trust me when l tell you never get marred It is gospel that woman was created to torture man -420 BIG SEX also nice Meme

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