l EE 0032 sterday at 2252 Il be fine??? 1743 Are you fucking serious 1743 You're the love of my Life and you say il be fine? 1743 You picked your fucking the man you love career over 1744 il EE @ O 90% 0031 Typical actor 1744 st seen yesterday at 2252 Why the fuck messaged you l don't Maybe you're young and the stress of me being illdepression is too much for you to handle know 1744 My life is over because of that I don't need any one or 2001 anything I'm And as I'm your first relationship maybe you don't know or handle it done 1745 2002 I know something is up as well and I won't forget or forgive this And tbh it's crushed me knowing after everything we have done it's 1745 I can't fucking this all over and it kills so bad 2002 1746 Like no more me and you Believe 2002 1746 It's a horrible feeling ll never forgive you for this!!! You're just like the fucking rest 2003 My heart is breaking so hard 1747 2003 I fucking HATE you! 1748 And maybe you did it lovecare as I thought you did as I am poison 2003 Didn't 2004 I love That's fine 1934 You so much it kills 2004 Also you said why can I talk to me clearly don't fucking love me like But if this is why you want and want to leave me and forget about me you said 1934 So easy just to bin me off 1937 Fuck it pills good after all are are 1937 As my Life is nothing with out you don't need mine anymore 1939 If you loved me then you would of stayed with me 1959 So clearly you didn't and you just wanted to bin me off and move on and that's what you wanted to do 2000 And lunderstand Context I finally broke up with a boyfriend I had for 13 months after nasty and manipulative behaviour He came over before sending these texts to yell at me and then said he never wants any contact with me again 3 hours later he sends endless texts and phone calls In his head I’m the bully Meme

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