l feel bad for the parents of these weeaboos It must hurt them to know what their children have become I can't imagine the grief they go through blaming themselves for they way their kids turned out Not only will they never bring a girl home or give them grand children they don't even fap to real girls You know there's something majorly wrong psychologically with you when you aren't even attracted to people of your own race You sit at home being a mega fat ass with no job the fuck do you assholes live with yourselves knowing what you put your parents through? Also l'd just like to remind you if can make it through the intense delusion field your mind has set up your waifus are NOT real They do NOT exist and they NEVER will Pic is MFW I have to see you horrid wastes of life It truly incerely legitimately saddens me to know you all exist @ostricizeweebs Functioning members of society Meme

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