l foster failed She's mine now! Let the spoiling commence! Pic reddit umocosa @DrSmashlove Not recomme ed I’m this puppy because life could be full of uncertainty and pain one minute and then just like that God creates an opening It’s happened to me countless times and that’s why I’m always on here talking this wild sh!t but also being spiritual Like Vampire Weekends said bruv I feel it in my bones U are truly connected to God when not only are u thankful for the blessings but you’re also thankful for the tests because they make u reflect I just read “Principles” by Ray Dalio and he mentioned that instead of medicating life’s pain experience it Reflect on it That’s how u are able to try to change it and not let it repeat I’m still gon occasionally hit that kush when I need to chill however Imma reflect on this thank u Ray 🤗😂 As always this caption was all over the map but I woke up feeling a lot of things and wanted to share Happy Friday to all of u bless up! 🙌❤️ Meme

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