l LTE 132 Posts DONT THE SHIT ТАЕY Ask me anything weING E NEW 9 likes eriously you guys! This stuff is awesome And this is coming from one of the most skeptic people ever I had my routine I had my hair care and I didnt want anyone to tell me otherwise I wish I would have listen to my sister in law waaaay before My hair is so much healthier bouncier shinier and re growth in places I thought I would just have to deal with Before I joined Monat I made fun of MLM I hated it I thought they were cheesy traps to get you sucked into over priced merch I'm still weary of some and honestly if any of you guys were part of an MLM I probably rolled my eyes at you sorry for the honesty but that's because I was ignorant as to what Monat was I'm telling you guys just try it Good shampoo ain't cheap Cheap shampoo ain't good #monat #nevergoingback #rollyoureyesifyouwant #myhairstilllooksgood #imheretohelp 4 days ago a + ос MONA S 3 UPPORT E Traitor! Her &amp I used to bond over our dislike for mlms haha Meme

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