L-R 1 Rat the thief of the group Removing her flip-flops allows her to quickly become silent while moving No-one has ever seen her hands unless they're being robbed 2 Converse - she's the muscles of the group and the only one able to grow facial hair Never talks just listens Capable of bench pressing two large Mountain Dew bottles simultaneously Allows Eyes to wear knock-off Converse 3 Wolf the leader of the group by virtue of his Slipknot tattoo His bandana is the only thing keeping him from shapeshifting into a werewolf permanently 4 Eyes totally blind but still can sense everything in the immediate area Other abilities include slouching and being of indeterminate gender 5 The Captain real name Edward Only member of the group to be cool enough to not smoke Transports the group in the Nautilus a 1990 Volkswagen Polo Eyes goes in the trunk 6 Goggles - the loner of the group Resents Wolf's leadership Can fit anything into the TARDIS-like pockets of his trousers Forgoes the typical fedora for a bowler hat redrepose sir-scandalous I love them!! we need to make less fun of kids being friends and have more reactions like this Meme

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