l seriously don't get it I was born in New York raised on Long Island and a US citizen my whole life No criminal record no warrants But when l travel by p North Carolina to New York I have to get in an entire body scanner or face an invasive pat down I have to present an official government approved ID So does the five year old kid with his parents the elderly gentleman who served in World War Il and the nuns But somehow it's no problem that millions of people tearing across the border illegally with satchels of God knows what - knows? And some bringing children- are they theirs? Kidnapping? Borrowing so in case they get caught they're immediately released? Who knows? Something is very very wrong with this picture Model US citizens are forced to virtually strip that's what the scanners do yet people who are showing an open defiance of our laws are being treated like victims and above the law above interrogation and given a free pass lane from drugs? Weapons? Soup? Who Are they trafficking? It ain't right folks And you know it Forward from my great aunt Meme

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