l T-Mobile LTE 916 PM Terrified deleted 13d Hi there I read your post Were you abused at all? It's not uncommon for abuse survivors to recoil from sexual contact The other option is that you haven't found your sexual groove yet That was my ex Gf and we worked together to find what worked for her She's a very sexual person now It would be a shame to miss out on that sort of life but right now it's like trying to explain a color to a blind person I describe extensive sexual abuse from my father avadamaris 13d deleted 13d The stuff with your dad doesn't sound bad and doesn't sound like it would have impacted If anything that should be a confidence booster! It's not normal to be that scared of sex but really you need to enjoy yourself before you let other people enjoy you too What do you look like? And do you masturbate? Reply to the Message This person msged me after I made a post in the asexuality sub I know i’m at fault here for trusting but this made me feel sick Meme

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