l T-Mobile Wi-Fi 1119 PM 40% Ande Wall @AndeWall 18h Replying to @zackfox I've been divorced twice l'm comfortable being around dudes that don't like me or tailor anything to me in any way 35 55 1940 Clay Weatherlight Captian @jh 16h Bro its valentine day u good sis? 272 Ande Wall @AndeWall 16h I am appreciate you asking you good? O147u Clay Weatherlight Captian @jh 16h 284 Ande Wall @AndeWall 15h Damn What's up? 104 Clay Weatherlight Captian @jh 14h v Girl these valentines days just be hard sometimes 2 3 2161 Ande Wall @AndeWall 14h My son and I have a long standing tradition where we go to a restaurant send *one* glass of champagne over to a couple and watch the confusion unfold about who it's for and where it came from Maybe try that and see if it cheers you up 7 19 692 Tweet your reply Don’t let anything keep you down😘 via rwholesomememes httpbitly2tmUGvA Meme

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