l Three WiFi Call2036 * 25%10 pinknewscouk Share on facebook Now transgender people are being blamed for turning fish trans 15th June 2018 658 PM Ella Braidwood b0 A woman said trans people are forcibly trans-ing fish in a meeting held by a trans-exclusionary radical feminist group We Need To TalkFacebook Write Off Unaffordable Debts Without Bankruptcy! wwwmoneysolvecouk Do You Qualify? Three WiFi Call 2035 pinknewscouk 25%LO Share on facebook A woman speaking at a controversial feminist meeting has claimed that trans people are responsible for polluting the rivers and seas - causing fish to forcibly change gender and damaging crocodiles and alligators The woman known only as Elizabeth who claimed to be an environmentalist and eco-activist was speaking at a meeting called Inconvenient Women hosted by lesbian trans-exclusionary radical feminists Sheila leffreys and Nicole Jones on Wednesday Read this next Rabbi says LGBT-inclusive education plan is an 'eviction notice for Orthodox Jews' wwwpewscodR +AddThis plantanarchy youareagoodperson apiapicka sleepy-space-princess radical feminists are claiming transgender people are turning fish transgender now wtf This is literally “Chemicals Making Frogs Gay The Sequel” I can’t believe this it’s almost like TERFs are conservatives or something I think what may be being referenced is the study that have found that certain areas with endocrine-disrupting pollution in the water have affected amphibian sex determination? Some people have theorized that human medications that contain estrogen are part of the problem because they’re excreted in waste but like… a lot of fertilizers can be endocrine disrupters Agricultural and lawn runoff and general pollution from farms big business etc is a WAY more likely culprit in affecting the health of amphibian and fish populations than like… a handful of trans women and boatload of older cis women taking a pissIn other words it’s a confusion similar to the “the phytoestrogens in soy turns you into a man-boobed manlet” where folks see something about hormones and freak the fuck out for the wrong reasons Meme

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