l Verizon 1023 AM 90% 3 hrs If we are someone we know are sick we'd pay whatever we needed to get better in a heart beat! Why is it that we have a hard time putting health and fitness in the budget? Take care of your gut health and body before it's too late Your gut and happiness will THANK YOU! #plexusambassador #guthealth #healthyfirst 4-5 Personal training sessions $169 too expensive Dinner Date $169 reasonable Therapist $130 Absurd Drinks with friends $130 Cheap Average college class $1000 Expensive iPhone $1000 worth it Kids Summer Camp $189 Too much New Pair of Shoes $189 Great deal 60 mins of exercise free I wish I had time! 60 mins of TVNetflix semi free Time flies! 1 hour on the phone with parents eternity 1 hour in Vegas not enough EVERYTHING in life is about perspective and priorities Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Who is picking these comparisons? Meme

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