l Wi-Fi Calling captureditclub @ 20%O facebookcom In the meantime please consider donating any spa or personal care items to my home address if you even care about me at all We've lost close to 3k from the money fund due to medical expenses and we would like the more affluent members of the family to consider donations as a courtesy Remember I will be on a social media blackout starting in an hour You can contact my financé if you must As Gengus Khan once said silence isn't empty It's full of answers 14 mins Like Reply More replies some old guy Snaron and I just got word of all of this What the heck? So you're telling me the wedding is done for and they still get to take our gifts? I'll give her the benefit of the doubt though Pam if you're seeing this please return my calls 5 mins Like Reply More bridesmaid #2 on't even consider people have movea their lives around the wedding on December first and donated a lot of money Now you're claiming victim hood and not apologizing to any of us The least we need is some sort of an apology from you 1 min Like Reply More apologetic bridesmaid she doesn't need to apologize more than she already has I think she deserves apologies for an unknown snitch putting her on blast and sending her over the edge Reply More Just now Like Meme

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