LA FORWARD VOTER GUIDE NO NO Bond to Fund Affordable Housing Fund Supportive Housing for Homeless People Fund Children's Hospital Improvements Bond to Fund Water Infrastructure Expand Prop 13's property tax break for homeowners 8 KES 10 YES NO Enable Change in Daylight Saving lime Limit Dialysis Clinics Profits and Require Refunds Enable Cities to Strenghthen Rent Control Repeal the gas tax which funds transportation infrastructure Paramedics stay on call during breaks YES YES YES NO Prevent Cruelty to Farm Animals LA County Tax to Fund Storm Water Capture Enable LA City to Establish a Municipal Bank Your thoughtful comprehensive and progressive introduction to the November 2018 ballot YES YES Align LA City & State Election Dates Align LAUSD & State Election Dates YES Download the full guide at LosAngelesForwardorg Los Angeles cheat sheet Meme

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