LAD visual scripting The Thad C++ Near impossible to read even by the dude who put it together THE Chad The virgin rust Is everything rust tries to be but better Rejects object oriented programming it's for kids Evil twin of C Single letter name instantly recognizable Weird cult-like Aura of superiority from all who Cringy code of conduct meant to All other languages copy it always end up as hollow shells see rust userbase Adds random features use it every couple of make newcommers and weirdos feel welcome years to trip up vetran coders Everyone hates it doesn't give Tries to encourage good practices ends up feeling restrictive instead Devs actually spend time changing or removing pronouns in code because of fear of tranny pushback a fuck Takes decades Spaghetti code looks like actual delicious Impossibly simple systems used Used exclusively by kids and retards Intentionally hard to master so noobs can't sphagetti in various creative Constantly blabbering about safety treats the programmer as a child use it ways to produce incredible results Literally 0 bloat 46% of userbase identifies Completely irrelevant as non-binary 35% are furries who don't even code Literally thousands of Super fast slower than C tho errors are always Can be learmed times slower than the fault of the Makes programming exciting with terse and hard to interpret in a week written code programmer The premiere Basically a slower and crappier c++ Throws out language for making fun games Would die off in No community error messages vocal Makes programming actually interesting Made to lure in random wamings as a joke seconds were it not for the autistic social media whatsoever people too dumb to code presence shilling by deranged Object oriented paradigm makes sure all code Used to program cool robots devs Has an unironic policy on trolling Laughingstock of the programming Blazing fast like Weird cult-like userbase but in sanic More manpower is directed you write will be an indecipherable clusterfuck Every implementation completely different 0 support world towards moderating the community than actual development Runs on antthing an endearing way Virgin vs chad programming languages Meme

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