ladymdej These koi are really aggressive But look at the markings! apophenic-ocelles Fun fact These aren't koi they're ordinary goldfish! A lot of people think that koi are just large outdoor goldfish but they are actually separate species However like koi goldfish can easily grow to tremendous sizes and live a long time provided they're given adequate space and nutrition AldenRants 36-50 @Gracemcclint asked me to rant about the deep sea! *violently holds my breath like a passively retaliating 3-year-old* I CAN'T DEAL! WE KNOW NEXT TO NOTHING ABOUT THE DEEP SEA OTHER THAN THE HAUNTING FACT THAT ITS ECO SYSTEM INCLUDES CREATURES THAT WERE GRUESOMELY SHAT OUT FROM THE NIGHTMARES OF TIM BURTON ON ACID JUST WHAT UNSPEAKABLE MONSTROSITIES ARE LURKING DOWN THERE? LOCH NESS?? KRAKEN!? SKYSCRAPER-SIZED EELS WITH CLUSTERS OF EYEBALLS AND BRISTLY TEETH THAT SHOOT OUT LIKE HARPOONS AND PULL YOU INTO THEIR GAPING DECAYING MAWS TO BE DIGESTED WHOLE AND RIPPED APART BY THREE DIFFERENT STOMACH CHAMBERS?!?!? THE PAIR OF GOGGLES I LOST IN FLORIDA TWO SUMMERS AGO!!!!!!???? Meme

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