ladysaytenn Imagine going to a community college for years hoping to score a job in the games industry You learn code 3D modeling physics and more after so much time get a bachelor's and get hired by Rockstar games Time passes and your manager says Yeah you can leave home early if you scuplt realistic testicles on our horses Give them realistic physics make them react to the weather give these horses testicles right now Jerry! ladysaytenn Red Dead Redemption 2 Horse Balls Shrink in Cold Weather by MATT MORRISON-on Sep 22 2018 in GAME NEWS A new report on RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 reveals that the game's engine is so realistic that the testicles of male horses will shrink up in col weather A prequel to the original Red Dead pizzaback video games are an art form awesomacious Animated horse balls Meme

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