Lannister trial #1 Tyrion is accused of sending the Catspaw assassin and conspiring to kill Jon Arryn Leads to great characterization of Tyrion and Catelyn Introduces us to the Eyrie the hill tribes and Bronn Forces Tywin to call his banners and expedites The War of the Five Kings Lannister trial #2 Tyrion is accused of killing Joffrey Leads to the epic trial speech the introduction of Oberyn and the motives of the Dornish insight into Tyrion's relationship with Jaime the Mountain vs the Viper the death of Tywin and TyrionVarys leaving Westeros to find Daenerys Lannister trial #3 Jaime is known to have killed Aerys II Targaryen Kind of forgets to mention that killing Aerys saved the city gets pardoned anyway no one mentions it ever again Jaime's trial could've been as good as Tyrion's if they dedicated any time to it change my mind Meme

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