Last year I went backpacking through the republic of Georgia in Eastern Europe On a long hike into the mountains this dog decided to join me We hiked together for about seven miles before he wandered off Here he is keeping guard as I set my camera up for a landscape shot On this blessed day I ask God to ease your burden whatever that burden might be If you are struggling I ask God to make things easy for you If you are depressed I ask God to light your way If you are hungry I ask God to feed you and to move those around you to feed you - it is the responsibility of those living in comfort to give to those who are not I hate asking for favors but do me one favor today Identify a family member from whom time or distance or an argument of some type or hardship long ago has caused separation Reach out to them and let them know you love them Be the better person and cure severed familial bonds with love Aight? You can do it My lil homegirl her mom is the most wretched human on earth πŸ˜‚ Every day she say something new to annoy her daughter A week ago she said your butt is flat out of nowhere and her butt ain't een flat lol! And that girl still take care of her mama day in and day out It's not easy but it's not really a test if it's easy ya get me! More life more happiness more faith - whatever you wanted to accomplish in 2017 you got one-third of the year left - MAKE IT COUNT ❀️ Bless up πŸŒ™ πŸ“· Reddit u-lil-rap Meme

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