Lauren Dobson-Hughes @ldobsonhughes Amazing overheard at Whole Foods Um I need to read the numbers on the barcode aloud to you I don't want any lasers touching my food 8715 1124 AM 3116 RETWEETS 3022 FAVORITES 17 floatingwithobrien theintumetexplorer laser-free diet yall need to hear about gerb gerb was my high school physics teacher gerb is short for mr gerber when we were leaming about radiation and whatnot and we touched on radiation poisoning gerb decided to tell us a story when gerb was in high school he worked in a supermarket a cashier there was this one little old lady mrs cassopolis who was a regular mrs cassopolis firmly believed that the lasers used to scan her food items would give her radiation poisoning they tried to explain that's not a thing but old cass wouldn't hear a word of it the employees had to punch in every last grocery item MANUALLY and this woman would buy cartfulls of food every week like any good grandma trying to feed her five children and eighteen grandchildren every time they come for a Sunday visit so pretty soon the employees figured out a strateqy to get her on her way and get on with their lives one or more employees would distract old cass while the cashier would scan all the items he could as fast as humanly possible while she wasn't paying attention now this supemarket had a rewards program for its most efficient workers the computer would track how quickly the cashiers scanned items and how many total they scanned in one day that kind of thing so one day gerb's boss came to him and said uh you scanned three hundred items in six minutes last Tuesday during your shift and gerb says i recal that's about four times faster than anything ive ever seen and gerb says 'yea ok jeremy what happened? and gerb says ihad to save a little old woman from placebo radiation It’s a real problem apparentlyomg-humortumblrcom Meme

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