Lauren Herschel Follow @LaurenHerschel So grief is like this There's a box with a ball in it And a pain button And no I am not known for my art skills ITIO BALL PAIN RUTION Lauren Herschel @LaurenHerschel 29 Dec 2017 In the beginning the ball is huge You can't move the box without the ball hitting the pain button It rattles around on its own in there and hits the button over and over You can't control it it just keeps hurting Sometimes it seems unrelenting Lauren Herschel @LaurenHerschel 29 Dec 2017 Over time the ball gets smaller It hits the button less and less but when it does it hurts just as much It's better because you can function day to day more easily But the downside is that the ball randomly hits that button when you least expect it O Lauren Herschel @LaurenHerschel 29 Dec 2017 For most people the ball never really goes away It might hit less and less and you have more time to recover between hits unlike when the ball was still giant I thought this was the best description of grief I've heard in a long time t149 36 23K Lauren Herschel @LaurenHerschel 29 Dec 2017 I told my step dad about the ball in the box with even worse pictures He now uses it to talk about how he's feeling The Ball was really big today It wouldn't lay off the button I hope it gets smaller soon Slowly it is narwhalertheimpalerThis is the most accurate description I’ve ever found thought it was worth spreading ❀ Meme

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