LAY TRAILER THE EMOJI MOVIE2o1 TOMATOMETER All Critics Top CriticsWANT TO SEE Si 0% 61% want to see Average Rating 1710 Reviews Counted 18 Critics Consensus No consensus yet User Ratings 6931 Fresh 0 Rotten 18 ADD YOUR RATING EMOJI MOVIE An beyond words JULY 28 Add a Review Optional Post The Emoji Movie 2017 METASCORE目 Overwhelming dislike based on 12 Critics See All 8 RELEASE DATE July 28 2017 Autoplay onOff THE EMOJI MOVIE COLUMBIA PICTURESI RELEASE DATE JULY 28 2017 METASCORE Overwhelming dislike based on 12 Critics CRITIC SCORE DISTRIBUTION POSITIVE 0 MIXED 1 NEGATIVE 8 TOX EXPLAINERS POLITICS & POLICY WORLD CULTURE SCIENCE & HEALTH IDENTITIES MORE y f 。 Do not see The Emoji Movie It's one giant ad dressed up as family-friendly entertainment Everyone involved should be ashamed Updated by Alissa Wilkinson Meme

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