Leah Johnson @byleahjohnson Follow When I was a poor black girl in Indiana my mom used to scrape together whatever money she could so that I could buy something anything from the book fair Next year my novel about a poor black queer girl from Indiana is being published by Scholastic We made it Ma Maya Marlette at Scholastic has acquired Leah Johnson's debut YA rom-com You Should See Me in a Crown Liz a self-declared band-geek has always felt like an outsider as one of the only black kids in her small prom-obsessed Midwestern hometown-so it's no surprise she's not the most obvious choice for prom queen But with a college scholarship on the line Liz decides to enter the race only to fall for the competition Publication is slated for 2020 Sarah Landis at Sterling Lord Literistic negotiated the deal for world rights 443 pm -28 Mar 2019 Books have the power to change lives Meme

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