Leave Game Waiting for players The white cards played this round are The black card for this round is Being on fire The Jews will never be the same after Pretand You're Xyzzy Pretend You're Xyzzy PiCK 2 PYX Confirm Selectio Some kind of bird man Getting into a situation with an owlbear A despondent Maple Leafs fan sitting all alone A big beautiful mouth packed to the brinm with sparkling teeth Pretend oureYZEy Pretend You're Xy zz Pratend yoUreAz Scoreboard User Preferences Game List Filters Global Chat Chat with g Judas 1 Awesome Point Playing r93338 PM gen was skipped this round for being idle for too long 933 38 PM howardfranklee was skipped this round for being idle for too lon 93454 PM Cash wins the round The next round will begin in S seconds Per 93602 PV howardfranklee was kicked for being idle for too many rounds 193603 PM howardfranklee has left the game 93639 PM Gongtohell wins the round The nest round will begin in S secon 93647 PM Play 2 cards in the order you wish them to be judged 93713 PMI Hyper Fox has joined the game jswag 6 Awe oddball 4 Awesome Points Dr Phil esome Points 1 Awesome Point Playing I got this awhile ago but i thought i should share it Meme

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