Leonard Nimoy's widow warns smokers 'you always think you have more time than you do' four years after the actor died of COPD Actor Leonard Nimoy smoked for 37 years before he quit in 1985 OPD Comments 238 Share what vou think Add your comment but his Oldest Newest Best rated Worst rated View al s life The comments below have not been moderated mer Se 3 hours ago l cannot have sympathy for anyone who blames illnesses on lifestyle choices rather than blaming the ORGANIZATIONS who are supposed to have CURES AND VACCINES for EVERY MEDICAL CONDITION rather than telling people what to do Any organization who preaches antismoking etc rhetoric this means them! Blaming the person is nothing more than victim- blaming cowardice! Furthermore when you POLITICIZE your tragedy you lose your status as a Victim and it becomes fair game for people who oppose you to ridicule your situation comments 27 Click to rate 623 New Comment Reply me 2 hours ago Lol this comment is top rated? I feel like I'm in some kind of altemate reality an as 19。192 Click to rate s 1 hour ago r but that Iguess you do Ofreed but that's because YOU are in one I mean senously do you really think that the majority of people agree with your ridiculous anti-tobacco beliefs just because corporate media et al pushes that agenda? Are you seriously that stupid? Your beliefs on this subject are LITERALLY THE SAME as those of AdolfHitler and of ISIS am not exaggerating you can look it up if you want Almost EVERYONE disagrees with you in one way or another most in most ways about this subject n warns +156 Click to rate Smoking kills is victim blaming! Meme

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