lesbianshepard Intelligence officials thought they could use Castro's love of scuba-diving to topple him They planned to hide explosives inside a large seashell and paint it with exotic colors to lure the attention of the ocean-loving communist i'm in tears over this holy shit lesbianshepard Just a year after Castro seized power the agency spiked the cigars with a botulinum toxin strong enough to kill anybody who put one in their mouth The cigars were delivered to an an unidentified person in 1961 according to the subcommittee but it's unclear what happened to them after that The same year the CIA planned to contaminate one of Castro's diving suits with a fungus that would produce a chronic and debilitating skin disease In 1960 the CIA planned to sabotage Castro's speeches by spraying his broadcasting studio with a chemical that would make him suffer similar hallucinations to LSD Other plots included spiking the dictator's cigars with a chemical that would disorientate him hoping he would smoke one before delivering one of his marathon oratory performances They also tried dusting his shoes with thallium salts - which would have made Castro's iconic beard fall out It's a little known fact that in the 60s and 70s the CIA was actually run by fucking wile e coyote Sourcelesbianshepard 46480 notes “Meep Meep”- Fidel Castro Meme

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