LESSONS from the Fictional Elite THE JUSTICE LEAGUE DC Universe t the prospect of ling ina world shere bying to respect the basic rights of those aound you ase such dauning impossible tasks then whot deal withit to raly cthersWWe set thee esampla Tonn foner of L Superman is brawny and Batman guides the sheer strength of the A common goal can unite even t this fortifies and personalities By having a clear purpose driving your team they will be compelled to apply their unique strengths and abilities to achieve it Justice League with strategy crucial for this dynamic to work FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING Lord of the Rings Some bebeve it in only great power thit can whut I have lound t is the smal everyday deeds of ordinary folk that lowp the dakness at bay Smalil acts Have My Bow Elven Success is earned through Elvish-made tools proved irwaluable to the Fellowship The with which you choose to manage your Pippin's pep - every facet augment their talents or hinder them Choose wisely! THE AVENGERS and the press 1would sather be a good man than a great king who w rid ted you tn move your Pch nto pare yourself like a tree by thenver of tru九 nd tell the whole wordd Noyou move Steve Rogens Character Over Steve Rogers was Each Avenger provides a distinct set of strengths to the team With colossal powers at play ego can be Ultron The allows for each wholesome heart and t of ego scouts Iron Man n of i individual to become whole Embrace the of your peers instead Widow sabotages Hulk smashes etc A often more than skills and achievement Look for good people to join your team skills trumps an army of of feeling threatened GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Ant no thing ke We Are Groot Groot symbolizes the power of uniting to face a common cause Cultivate branches of trust and compassion throughout your team so that everyone feels empowered and break schem and Star Lord's spontaneous dance battle the Guardians averted disaster Embrace the individuality of every team member Bizarre ideas can trigger DUNDER MIFFLIN The Office People will never be seplaced by Is Scott tosses out sexist and racial comments casually Respect and Michael Scott is notorious for creating simple and don't force FOX MULDER AND DANA SCULLY The X-Files tum to the tantastic as a plausbiäty I Want to Believe Mulder is driven by an almighty need to discover the truth This fervor draws Scully into the crusade creating dynamic duo Scully's intellect and skepticism reins in Mulder while his euriosity and zeal draws h of s on your fearm can TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES The gath thor lests hat we truly desire is long folowing thur path do we Humans are not merely heroic ninja warriors by even in the play creativity and humanity can lead to Don't limit your guides their growth Your team also needs judging solely by and stronger ideas Don't always play it and THE X-MEN Marvel Universe rou know Youre the power el Gifted The X-Men wouldn't X's vision and guidance A true the unique gifts of each team member instead of forcing within mutants and humans alike They may stumble and fail but the Professor guides them towards harnessing the failure to learn and evolve leader is engaged and to cultivate their own talents and modes of team's wellbeing OUICK BASE Teamwork tips from Dunder Mifflin and other possibly more effective fictional teams Meme

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