LET'S ALL JOIN IN ULTIMATE BROFIST WITH PEWDIEPIE CH I know a lot of us want to share the last brofist from no 1 pewds So let's gather all our brofists from all over the world and put them all in one short video 1-2 min and submit it to pewds rules below Some rules 1 Every video sent to me will be included but I can't promise it will be whole of it It could be just one frame- I want to keep it short so it's watchable for everyone 2 Keep your video Short- max 10 sec 3 Post it on YouTube but not private- only unlisted or public 4 Send link to brofistsubmission@gmailcom 5 I will be waiting for submissions till Saturday 6th April oooo cest 6 Can be recorded with your phone camera anything 7 I will post it on Monday 8th April I want to see thousand of mails from You for Pewds Meme

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