let's get it popping BidenObama 2020 yeah yeah i know @WeCloutChase The 22nd amendment would allow Joe Biden to run as President and Barrack Obama as his VP Just saying Show this thread 600 coolmanfromthepast libertarirynn hst3000 libertarirynn The constitutionality of this would likely be questioned by the electoral college but it miiiight get through depending on how strictly they interpret the 22nd amendment since Obama would not technically be being “elected” to the office of president which is the explicit provisional language in the amendment Not that somebody couldn’t theoretically hold the office more than twice but that they could not be elected to it twice All that said it would be a shitshow but mighty entertaining 12th amendment guys No person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States Obama is an unconstitutional selection Not exactly httpswwwwashingtonpostcomnewsthe-fixwp20150806could-joe-biden-pick-barack-obama-as-his-running-mate-yes-but?utm_term=dc9a5700ef57 All the WaPo article means is that “It’s okay when Democrats violate the Constitution!” It literally does not say that at all and I question if you even read it Meme

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