Let's Pport ncipal rintendent etary retary HS Athletic DirectorTickets Dear Editor and Readers I recently across a copy of a phone conversation between Alex- andria Ocassio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders In full disclosure this information was received from the cousin of a boyfriend of one of my ex-wives I consider himher a reliable source of information This is how the phone call went Phone rings Bernie Hello this is Bernie AOC Hey Bernie this is AOC Glad you are back on the cam- paign trail How are you feeling and how was your report Bernie I feel great And I can now tell people that my have verified that I do have a heart I actually feel younger than you are AOC AOC That's awesome Bernie Hey did you hear about Biden's comments on gun control? He commented that the limits Read keup DesignerDirectorPlant he DesignerDirector ghting DesignerDirector e me Spider snaugh Bailey Clark - Cutting doctors Вy Lights F By S Published by Revell E lishing Group P dviser- All artwork was created government to three shells while hunting ducks and thinks more you of ducks than children I know I live in New York but I wasn't aware that there was a hunting season on children were you? Bernie Ya know maybe that's something we can spend more tax payer's dollars on and research Hey AOC I was just thinking we don't even need a hunting season on children when we have taxpayers already funding over 650 Planned Parenthood facilities with the newest on in Southern Illinois AOC Is Southern Illinois in the same state as Chicago is? Why living color Is he respo not build it in Chicago? AOC if you would have paid attention in school you know that Southern Illinois is across the river from St Louis MO Missouri no longer allows abortions Duh! AOC OK Bernie I get it Let's go back to why I called I'm happy to help you in the things we discussed I have gained a lot of influence in the Democratic Party since I got elected If I help you now maybe you can help me when I run for President in 2024 Maybe we can do a little quid pro quo Not many people Johnson wants to build realize this yet but I will be 35 in October 2024 The presidential helping Heritage win a election is November 2024 Bernie Holy Cow! I wasn't aware of that AOC Bernie at your ae there's a lot you are not aware of supportive He has a cha Mi 396 pages paperback When Cohen Marah basement embalming ro has no idea that he is ste Over the next week ms- Pictures and advertisement ement тops ovided hats food and support teering time to play in the pit ng time to play in the pit eering time to play in the pit ing time to play in the pit d Penny the baby le provided a meal for the cast story relays a tale both e Shawn Smucker is the adult novels You Belong To Me would В 368 pages paperback Hannah Thornton is from razing historic ho Ushers provided food during tech week! e your generosity town back on the map But even her best fri of the NCHS Music Department's That's why I'm here to help Hey Bernie did you see my town everything by helping H= hall meeting in Corona New York where one of my supporters suggested eating babies because we have too much CO2? What a great idea That's like the Green New Deal on steroids You need to get on board with this in the next debate Bernie I can't wait AOC Also Bernie do you know that people my age think the name Planned Parenthood is old school? Perhaps at the next past? U shley By 368 pages paperback Danny Byrd's reputati when his partner abscc Lawyer Megan Pierce fin practices When their wa realize they are each oth lody Turner 8 314-0684 7 pm It's free to play Meet up with your friends and family open m to debate you could con convince Planned Parenthood and the tax- payers to fund a name change to No Shots Fired Then I could get my supporters to line up and get the babies so doctors who for dinner and then stay for Holtz Bingo вy Li- ur re- Pub's Salad Bar and don't debate those leftists will fall off the stage if they move any further wski forget Tuesday is Senior Day left than this Also Trump calls me crazy but I still think I'm ctor Wednesday and Sunday all- capable You are probably not as informed as I am but were you the you-can-eat Fried Chicken sh- Follow them on Facebook for are daily specials n perform the abortions wouldn't have to store them at home Bernie AOC this is awesome! When I present this at the next Check out the Lantern love? Davis Bunn is the aw tional bestsellers These books can be writing to the publisher aware that there are already 7 No Shots Fired facilities website wwwrevellbooks checking your local libr cago and 3 in the suburbs St Louis Mayor Lydia Krewson and her supporters have Fairview Heights covered Chi- City council meetings are m the third Monday of every month at 7 pm The Com- munity Building is available AOC Bernie I've got to run Help me out when I run for Presi- dent If you and I could just figure out how to get ducks to have Enduring Fre abortions hunters wouldn't even need guns Bernie Bye Kaskaskia m 69 st for rent for birthdays wed- dings etc Call City of Ash- ley for more information at 485-2270 If you are building АОC Вye Ill keep you informed as this develops r2 2sbuOn No ablonb svl Kaskaskin Cal In my local paper Makes it even more insane than if it was in Facebook Meme

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