Level 1 Country Level 2 New School EON cassi Rock Rachk ry R&B Rap Jazz Normal Pleb Alternative Metal Indie Rock Level 3 Post-Hardcore Outsider Post-PunkExtreme Metal Post-Rock Folk Screamo Level 4 Math Rock Old School EDM Shoegaze Weird Industrial IDM Noise Pop eve Noise Art Pop Ambient That Guy Experimental Krautrock Free Jazz level 6 Outcast Harsh Noise Avant-garde Drone disattached frorm the social do^ma Lerel oo field recordings musique concrete lowercase wall noise No longer in need of any contact with the material world Justin Biebe tibetan throat singing LEVEL Sortng Algorythms ASMR Whisper Upsweep xl Splitterore A BIT CLOSER TO THE END OF TIME Pazi Sta Radis Levels of Music 30 Meme

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