Levels of Nice Guy Syndrome TM by wtfniceguys LEVEL 4 LEVEL 3 SUCH A NICE GUYTM! Very Nice GuyM Severe case of Nice Guy Syndrome Befriends women who LEVEL 1 Somewhat Nice Guy Constantly complains of the Friend A have made it clear zone and women only date jerks Blames every Barely a Nice Guy TM they don't want to date Never seen without a fedora Believes rejectionbreakup on him andor Nice Guy Syndrome almost women refuse to date him because being too nice to date B already are in a undetectable aside from a he's so nice Avoid at all costs Generally a decent dude but relationship rare comment Probably lacks self-awareness and then pursues them doesn't even wear a fedora wears a fedora occasionally relentlessly Often seen in a fedora not lovin the way that this post was phrased don't compare being an asshole to any kind of illness but the point still stands! watch out for nice guys๐Ÿ˜’ Meme

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