LG 1 59% 1059 AM Alex Wednesday 915 PM I'm new to this Can you teach me how to Tinder? Today 927 AM Ah of course We start with the traditional ceremonial dance of attempting to send each other smart and witty messages every few days It takes us weeks to finally meet and when we do you realize that my Arnold Schwarzenegger impression isn't as cool as I talked it up to beI notice and try to save the remaining half of the date with a shitty jokel got from my brother but it puts you off even more I end up talking about my cats and my issues with the reboot of the xmen franchise way too much I text you the next day but the inevitable ghosting process has already begun I send you 1 mes- sage before my fate is sealed wish you the best man in an attempt to look humble and then start the process again with my next match Today 1009 AM Based on first impressions your honesty and the cleverness of that response Iwould prefer that to not happen So how do we prevent that situation from occurring? Today 1057 AM Oh uh I normally dont make it this far I didnt plan for this What is your opinion of turtles? Sent GIF ype a message Turtles anyone? Meme

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