LGBT UNITED Tin -you don't need to come out unless it is what you really truly dearly want It's your sexualitygender and it is your life -but coming out can also be very rewarding you can meet more queer people sometimes -If you live in certain parts ofthe world or your family is of a religion that doesn't except those who are lgbt+ stay in the closet if that is the safest place for you With all this hatred and violence against LGBT people in certain parts of the world I would like to send my regards and great respect to all brave souls whose well being and even their very lives are at risk because they refused to live in the closet and decided to be true to themselves That's one of the bravest things I can think of because I read constantly about atrocities committed against queer people just because they are LGBT But remember even though coming out is very rewarding experience you don't have to do this if you know that it'll cost you your work relationships friends or even your own safety Even here in the US things are not as well as they might look from the distance But still it's infinitely better than living as queer in Africa South Asia or Middle East I believe it will get better Find allies and like-minded people and never lose hope Stay strong stay proud stay united! LGBT LGBTUN rainbownation rainbow_nation_us comingout LGBTallies homophobia LGBTPride LoveIsLove Homosexual Queer Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Pansexual Polysexual GenderEquality Questioning Agender GenderQueer Intersex Asexual Androgyne GenderFluid LGBTQ Meme

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