lI Verizon 859 PM 7 47% afacebookcom Jobs hrs *update* Looking for a chauffeur with conceal carry license Needed for about 10 days Willing to pay 200 a day *Update* Brief description of wh I will need -Male military or security preferred -good driving record valid DL -No previous legal charges -must sign ex non disclosure agreement -cellular devices must be OFF while in vehicle -average 10-12 hrs daily -Must be able to travel within -hotel and per diem travel expenses are paid -dress attire formalcasual -Must have your conceal carry license and provide pistol your own -vehicle will be a rental suburban Or other large SUV -am willing to pay UP TO 200 daily based upon experience -payrate will be decided once we have met -respect and professionalism is number Thank you for all your replies and will be contact Will explain in more details the reasons for this job to you personally NOTHING ILLEGAL so please do not worry about that The word premeditated can be used in court now I guess Meme

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