Libtards Girls like being choked slapped hair pulled being tied up and being called a whor* while you slam that doggy style but they don't like being slapped in the face when they get out of line? '72 וף REPLY Hide replies 1 months ago 4 months ago C@ He's obviously a troll as well 1 month ago Ya thats right you gotta hold back a few days until u get her naked then ravage that bitch for the things she said last week 3 REPLY 1 month ago Guys do u even fuck? He said nothing wrong Many womans like to feel domination this way Nobody said that's not perversion tho lol ' REPLY 1 month ago edited All women are bitches Dey like to be dominated in da bedroom da bafroom da kitchen da backyard da utility room etc I ain't met one yet dat don't like bein handled by a man Treat bitches right - like da bitches dey truly is 1 וף REPLY If Ed Wuncler III Was a Youtube Comment Meme

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