LIFESTYLE Wonder Woman' does one thing most Marvel movies don't have the guts to do Kirsten Acuna INSIDER O Jun 2 2017 1214 PM 1778 INSIDER iamnotsebastianstan softblvcknss iamnotsebastianstan fullmetalfagit iamnotsebastianstan Have a female lead character? Have a canon confirmed lgbt character? Have that canon confirmed lgbt character be the lead female character? Not disappoint? Wonder Woman does a lot of things most Marvel movies don’t have the guts to do I loved Wonder Woman but what fucking lgbt character? Lol Beyond a reach The main fucking character do your research before you try to debunk my claims thanks I wish it was mentioned in the movie tho Diana literally lives on an island inhabited solely by women has never seen a man before she meets Steve tells him she knows about sexual intercourse and that men are not necessary for pleasure only for procreation - all that was left was for her to say “by the way i sleep with girls too” Meme

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