Lindsey Graham @LindseyGrahamSC House Democrats' border barrierwall offer is PATHETIC Ihoped that Democrats would make good faith effort to strike a deal on border barrierwall DACA and TPS Unfortunately it seems they hate @realDonaldTrump more than they want to solve problems CQ NEWS Jan 31 2019 House Democrats' Border Security Offer Cuts Money for Barriers Jan 31 2019-240 pm By Jennifer Shutt CQ House Democrats on Thursday unveiled a counterproposal on border security that moves them further away from President Donald Trump's demand for $57 billion in wall money than they were just weeks ago The six-page outline which has not yet been released in legislative form would eliminate the $134 billion for fencing along the southwest border that party leaders were ready to accept just weeks ago and which was included in the fiscal 2018 omnibus appropriations law enacted last March PL 115-141 What's more it would restrict any remaining unobligated funds from being used to build physical barriers in certain areas near wildlife refuges and historical parks A funding prohibition in the fiscal 2018 law only barred construction in the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge while the new Democratic proposal would prevent barrier building with existing funds in four additional sensitive areas 222 PM 01 Feb 19 TweetDeck 1482 Retweets 3645 Likes Meme

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