LINDSEY'S LICENSE SUSPENSION! REACTIVATED! Attorney Generals Office Rejects KL's Allegations LINDSEY'S LICENSE SUSPENSION REACTIVATED ASSISTANT ATTORNEY GENERAL REJECTS ALLEGATIONS IN LATEST LAWSUIT Case Update from Tiger's Justice Team TJT recently reported that on November 8 2016 the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners denied Kristen Lindsey's request to have her licensing case reheard before the Board We're very pleased to confirm that the Board has reactivated Lindsey's license suspension Lindsey CAN NOT currently practice as a veterinarian! Also on November 8 Lindsey's attorney Brian Bishop filed another lawsuit with Travis County District Court against the Board “PETITION FOR JUDICIAL REVIEW OF ADMINISTRATIVE AGENCY FINAL ORDER AND APPLICATION FOR INJUNCTIVE RELIEF” Bishop's latest waste of paper contains 49 pages of the same redundant malarkey we've endured for over a year In a desperate attempt to forestall Lindsey's license suspension Bishop also requested a Temporary Restraining Order and Temporary Injunction against the Board We and the courts have seen this all before the “feral cat” nonsense Lindsey's valiant defense of her pets and livestock against a free-roaming feline menace the buck-passing excuse that Lindsey's employer instructed her to kill the cat Bishop's ludicrous denial that Lindsey killed Tiger without his owners' consent the ridiculous assertion that the Board lacks jurisdiction and authority to sanction Lindsey the “irreparable harm” the Board is inflicting on poor Doc Krissy's career etc Many of Tiger's supporters have plowed through volumes of tedious documents filed by Bishop on Lindsey's behalf We're all sick of Lindsey's litigious litter box and it appears that the Texas Attorney General's office is fed up too Assistant AG Ted Ross's response is refreshingly brief and to the point Three sentences were all Ross needed to address Kristen Lindsey's most recent load of horse hockey In a terse response document “DEFENDANT'S ORIGINAL ANSWER AND GENERAL DENIAL” Ross stated “Defendant denies each and every allegation in Plaintiff's “Petition for Judicial Review of Administrative Agency Final Order and Application for Injunctive Relief” and demands strict proof thereof Defendant respectfully requests this court to issue a judgment denying all of Plaintiff's requested relief in this proceeding Defendant further requests that all court costs be taxed and adjudged against Plaintiff a for such other relief to which it may justly be entitled” Well said! Unlike some attorneys Ross is not one to mince words or to squander them on endless diatribes The last time Team Lindsey brought a lawsuit against the Board before this court the judge summarily denied their arguments and sent them packing In an unequivocal smackdown by Ross The same judge has been assigned to this case While we can't predict the outcome so far Ross has represented the vet board with authority and conviction Bishop has appealed Lindsey's previous Travis County lawsuit in the Texas 3rd Court of Appeals We expect further developments with that case in the very near future Lindsey also has another upcoming court appearance in her criminal DWI case TJT is keeping tabs on all dates in Lindsey's legal calendar and will update Tiger's supporters whenever new information becomes available We remain deeply grateful to everyone who shares our interest in this landmark animal cruelty case Meme

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